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POLITICO, March 30, 2017
Dan Diamond, featuring NEJM article co-authored by Rachel E. Sachs (Academic Fellow Alumna)


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What the experts are saying. NEJM posted a pair of perspectives that offering dueling approaches to Gottlieb and the challenges he may face, if confirmed.

— "An FDA Commissioner for the 21st Century." Amitabh Chandra and Rachel Sachs argue that while Gottlieb's views aren't fully known, he would bring assets to the role, such as an ability to engage with industry and a desire to lower the price of drugs and expedite approval generics.

— "Scott Gottlieb and the Credibility of U.S. Therapeutics." Dan Carpenter, meanwhile, argues that Gottlieb's resume is atypical for a would-be FDA commissioner and his relationships with industry would undermine the FDA's credibility when reviewing drugs and devices.


Read more here! Check out Rachel Sachs' NEJM article here!

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