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The Hill, February 12, 2018
Peter Sullivan, referencing Rachel Sachs (Academic Fellow Alumna)


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From the article:

President Trump is beginning to move on high drug prices, unveiling a series of modest proposals in his budget request released Monday.

It’s the first time Trump has issued major proposals to lower drug prices since coming to the White House, despite criticizing pharmaceutical companies last year and accusing them of “getting away with murder.”

Advocates for lowering drug costs greeted the proposals on Monday as a step in the right direction, but said they are not nearly enough.

Rachel Sachs, a professor at Washington University in St. Louis who does work on drug pricing issues, said the proposals would provide relief for some Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries, but do almost nothing for the majority of Americans who get insurance through their jobs and face high drug costs.

Sachs said the proposals did not seem to match Trump’s rhetoric about drug companies.

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