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Deadspin, May 22, 2018
Nicole Wetsman, quoting I. Glenn Cohen (Faculty Director)


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Last month, 253 men got new jobs. The process was highly publicized, and employers announced new hires to an audience of millions on live television. It’s likely that no one in the Cowboys’ stadium, where the 2018 NFL Draft took place, was thinking about them that way, though. Instead, they called them rookies, draftees, team members.

“The NFL is many things,” says Glenn Cohen, a professor of health law and bioethics at Harvard Law School. “It’s also a workplace, and it ought to be regulated the way other workplaces are.”

Cohen is an author on a new research paper outlining the legal foundation and arguments for OSHA to step in and regulate the NFL. Published last month in the Arizona Law Review, the analysis explains that the agency has clear authority over the league. It’s unlikely that OSHA would issue any specific regulations, the authors say, but it could—and should—take part in labor discussions, and reframe the discussion of player safety from a public health perspective.

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