What is a biobank? Differing definitions among biobank stakeholders

Clinical Genetics
March 2014
Shaw et al.

An article discussing areas of agreement and difference in determining what constitutes a biobank.

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Biorepositories and Biospecimen Research Branch

National Cancer Institute

Website for the BBRB, which provides leadership, tools, resources, and policies in biobanking for the global biomedical research community.

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Characterizing biobank organizations in the U.S.

Genome Medicine
Jan. 2013
Henderson et al.

Results from a national survey of U.S. biobanks, including information on location, reason for establishment, research focus, collections, and organizational structure.

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Biobank resources for future patient care: developments, principles and concepts

Journal of Clinical Bioinformation
Sept. 2011
Ákos Végvári et al

An overview of global biobank development, outlining the critical research role of biobanks and their potential impact on patient care.

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WMA Declaration on Ethical Considerations Regarding Health Databases and   Biobanks

World Medical Association
March 2015

A supplemental declaration to the Declaration of Helskini, which provides additional principles for the ethical use of human biological materials in biobanks, as well as the ethical use of data in health databases.

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Research Repositories, Databases, and the HIPAA Privacy Rule

January 2004

Discusses the impact of the HIPAA privacy rule on the creation of research databases and repositories, and research that uses identifiable health information in repositories and databases.

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Global Directory of Biobanks, Tissue Banks, and Biorepositories

Specimen Central

An extensive listing of biobanks, tissue banks, and biorepositories, with links to all institutions.

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