Supreme Court Decision in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby

June 30, 2014
Supreme Court of the United States

Read the Supreme Court's decision in favor of the right of the owners of "closely-held for-profit corporations" to refuse to provide insurance coverage for contraception and contraceptive devices to their employees on the grounds of the owners' religious objections.

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Conflicts in Conscience in Health Care: An Institutional Compromise

MIT Press
Holly Fernandez Lynch

This book analyzes the issues surrounding conscience clauses in the health care setting and proposes a solution that calls on the medical profession as a whole to ensure patient access, in order to avoid individual professionals from having to behave in ways that violate their deeply held moral beliefs.  

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Legal Briefing: Conscience Clauses and Conscientious Refusal

Journal of Clinical Ethics
Thaddeus Mason Pope

This article gives an overview of legal developments pertaining to conscientious objection in healthcare.

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Conscience Clauses, Health Care Providers, and Parents

The Hastings Center
Nancy Berlinger

This chapter outlines some key issues that arise when health care providers and parents lodge conscientious objections to certain types of medical care.

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Conscientious Objection in Medicine

Julian Savelescu

This article outlines several arguments for and against permitting conscientious objection by medical professionals.

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Religion, Conscience, and Controversial Clinical Practices

Farr A. Curlin et al.

This article summarizes a study of physicians’ views on conscientious objection in the United States. 

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Women’s Preventive Services Coverage and Non-Profit Religious Organizations

The Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight

This website provides information about contraceptives coverage under the Affordable Care Act, as well as accommodations for religious employers and non-profit religious organizations.  It also links to applicable regulations governing women’s preventive services coverage under the ACA.

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