The Patient-Physician Relationship

American Medical Association

This is a report by the American Medical Association’s Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs addressing ethical obligations of physicians and conflicts of interest.

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Legal Issues for Physicians

The American Medical Association

This section of the American Medical Association website addresses some basic legal issues that often arise in the doctor-patient relationship.

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When Is a Patient-Physician Relationship Established?

AMA Virtual Mentor
Valerie Blake

A list of key cases that have helped define the physician-patient relationship generally, as well as some key exceptions to the general rule.

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Public Health Law Map: The Physician-Patient Relationship

LSU Law Center

This site includes information about physician duties to their patients and how those duties can be incurred and discharged.

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Legal Issues in Health Care: The Physician-Patient Relationship

University of Tennessee Health Science Center

A basic primer on the doctor-patient relationship, including creation, duties, and termination.

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Four Models of the Physician-Patient Relationship

Ezekiel J. Emanuel & Linda L. Emanuel

This article outlines four models to conceptualize the basic relationship between physician and patient.

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Patients and Doctors: The Evolution of a Relationship

New England Journal of Medicine
Robert Truog

This article outlines issues in the evolving doctor-patient relationship with respect to clinical care, clinical research, and populations and health care systems.

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Medical Ethics Manual – Physicians and Patients

World Medical Association

Ethics manual introducing some of the key issues faced by physicians in their daily practice.

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The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down
A Hmong Child, Her American Doctors and the Collision of Two Cultures

Anne Fadiman

A non-fiction narrative about a young Hmong girl suffering from epilepsy; a moving story that highlights the pitfalls of the current medical system, including the lack of communication between physicians and patients, medical misunderstandings, and cultural clashes. 

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Untangling the Web — Patients, Doctors, and the Internet

New England Journal of Medicine
March 2010
Pamela Hartzband and Jerome Groopman

Describes changes in the doctor-patient relationship that have arisen in the Internet age.

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