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Katherine Kraschel, Executive Director

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General Description

The Solomon Center for Health Law and Policy at Yale Law School seeks applications for a quantitative research associate to contribute to a critical gap in the legal and biomedical scholarly literature by completing an interdisciplinary, quantitative study to evaluate Medical Legal Partnerships (MLPs). The role is a 1 or 2-year position with possibility for renewal based upon performance and funding. Part-time applications will be considered. MLPs embed legal services into the healthcare setting, allowing patients to address health-harming civil legal needs in a trusted setting. The Solomon Center has been a pioneer in the MLPs in New Haven; it founded the legal component of three of them, was a co-founder of a fourth, and provides student staffing for the fifth. Both sides of the partnerships – medical and legal, seek to empirically evaluate the programs. Our five MLPs offer a unique laboratory because of their unprecedented diversity in a single city. Each addresses the needs of a distinct patient population: immigrants, veterans, former prisoners transitioning into the community, children, and palliative care patients. No empirical study has ever evaluated the value of the “L” – the law component specifically – in an MLP. The research associate will lead the conceptual design in order to address the key questions including: Does an MLP provide access to legal counsel that would otherwise not occur? Do health care costs go down when an attorney is present in the clinical setting? Does having an attorney as part of an MLP change the way physicians screen and treat their patients? Does it change the level of trust patients have in legal and medical institutions? Does an MLP change their sense of community and stress levels? The research associate will also oversee IRB approval, HIPAA compliance and any waivers necessary; review existing data collection and screening processes to determine what components need to be added or changed; oversee the implementation of the infrastructure and evaluative tools necessary to produce data; and oversee data collection and analysis. We expect a series of publications to ensue, which will be major and new contributions to the MLP literature. This collaboration between lawyers, doctors, public health professionals, and community partners creates an unprecedented opportunity to be at the forefront of MLP scholarship at a time when MLPs are growing rapidly across the country. 

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Liaise closely with the attorneys, faculty, fellows, physicians, and students involved in the MLP program to understand the MLP models, patient populations, and processes.

2. Working closely with other Solomon Center staff and students, lead conceptual study design to identify quantitative metrics to evaluate the MLPs and identify the appropriate study populations.

3. As appropriate and consistent with the identified study design, develop forms and/or questionnaires and coordinate the application of research techniques.

4. Oversee submission of study protocols to the University IRB, as appropriate.

5. Ensure study timeline is well-defined and followed, and seek guidance and provide updates to Solomon Center staff and other colleagues as needed.

6. Supervise the work of medical/law students and others collecting data, and, as needed train individuals in data collection techniques.

7. Oversee data collection and maintenance and perform statistical analysis of data

8. Write-up work/assist in drafting manuscripts for submission to publications

9. Perform such other tasks as needed to complete the research project.


1. Experience doing quantitative study design and research on health outcomes and/or social determinants of health

2. Knowledge of MLPs, social determinants of health, health care delivery systems, and/or legal aid services

3. Experience working on interdisciplinary research projects and/or projects involving multiple stakeholders

4. Experience collaborating on academic publications


PhD or Master's degree; PhD candidates will be considered. Formal training in quantitative public health research methods is preferred.


Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. Please send resume/CV, and cover letter to Katherine Kraschel, Executive Director Solomon Center for Health Law and Policy at Yale Law School at


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