Deadline: October 03, 2016

Jennifer Blumenthal-Barby

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Our ELSI Research Program, led by Dr. Amy McGuire, is seeking a project coordinator and a research associate for a new project looking at the integration of genome sequencing into clinical care of military personnel. The project coordinator will be responsible for providing general research support and should have a Bachelor’s degree in the humanities, social science, public health, or related field and a minimum 1 year of research experience. We are also hiring a research associate with experience in quantitative data analysis who will provide support on this new project, as well as ongoing research projects. The candidate for the research associate position should have a master’s degree in social science, public health, bioethics, or related field with a minimum 1 year of research experience and demonstrated strong quantitative data analysis skills.

Read more about the position for project coordinator here and the position for research associate here!

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