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Katherine Kraschel

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The Solomon Center for Health Law and Policy at Yale Law School has an exciting opportunity for a quantitative research associate to contribute to a critical gap in the legal and biomedical scholarly literature by completing an interdisciplinary, quantitative study to evaluate Medical Legal Partnerships (MLPs).  MLPs embed legal services into the healthcare setting, allowing patients to address health-harming civil legal needs in a trusted setting.  The Solomon Center’s five MLPs offer a unique laboratory because of their unprecedented diversity in a single city. Each addresses the needs of a distinct patient population: immigrants, veterans, former prisoners transitioning into the community, children, and palliative care patients. No empirical study has ever evaluated the value of the “L” – the law component specifically – in an MLP.

The research associate will lead the conceptual design and manage the research project through its completion and publication. 

Please see the job description (available here) to learn more.

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