American Travelers Seek Cheaper Prescription Drugs In Mexico And Beyond

NPR, February 11, 2019
by Bram Sable-Smith

[...] The U.S. government estimates that close to 1 million people in California alone cross to Mexico annually for health care, including to buy prescription drugs. And between 150,000 and 320,000… Read More

Is Medical Tourism Safe?

by The Doctors, featuring I. Glenn Cohen (Faculty Director)

The Doctors welcomed Medical Tourism Association President Renee-Marie Stephano and Harvard professor and author of “Patients with Passports” Glenn Cohen to discuss just how safe… Read More

Regulation of Stem Cell Therapy Travel

Current Stem Cell Reports, July 2018
by I. Glenn Cohen and Shelly Simana

From the abstract: Purpose of Review Stem cell therapies (hereinafter: SCT) hold tremendous promise for the treatment of a variety of diseases. Yet, alongside the medical potential, they pose significant… Read More

Circumvention Medical Tourism and Cutting Edge Medicine

Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies, May 12, 2018
by I. Glenn Cohen (Faculty Director)

From the article: “Medical Tourism” is the travel of patients from a home country to a destination country for the primary purpose of receiving health care. “Circumvention Tourism”… Read More

Medical Tourism: Once Ready for Takeoff, Now Stuck at the Gate

Managed Care, March 28, 2018
by Richard Mark Kirkner, quoting I. Glenn Cohen (Faculty Director)

From the article: Consultants predicted it would be a major business. Large employers and insurers were experimenting with it. But medical tourism has not lived up to the heady expectations. The ACA and… Read More

Preventing Mitochondrial Disease

Obstetrics & Gynecology, March 2018 - Volume 131 - Issue 3
by Eli Y. Adashi and I. Glenn Cohen (Faculty Director)

Abstract: In a possible first, the heritable transmission of a fatal mitochondrial DNA disease (Leigh syndrome) may have been prevented by replacing the mutation-bearing mitochondria of oocytes with donated… Read More

India’s Hospitals Are Filling Up With Desperate Americans

Foreign Policy, January 2, 2018
by Daniel Block, quoting I. Glenn Cohen (Faculty Director)

From the article:  Medical tourism thus presents both opportunities and risks. At its best, the industry can help India grow its health care system, using the revenues generated from international… Read More

Medical Tourism, Medical Migration, and Global Justice: Implications for Biosecurity in a Globalized

Medical Law Review, April 11, 2017
by I. Glenn Cohen (Faculty Director)

From the paper: We live in the age of globalization. In medicine, that globalization has brought many benefits such as the diffusion of technology and the spread of health care training, but it has also… Read More

Traveling for Assisted Suicide

In Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide: Global Views on Choosing to End Life (Michael J. Cholbi, ed.), Praeger, 2017 (forthcoming)
by I. Glenn Cohen (Faculty Director)

This book addresses key historical, scientific, legal, and philosophical issues surrounding euthanasia and assisted suicide in the United States as well as in other countries and cultures. Euthanasia was… Read More

Travel Abroad for Low-Cost Care

Kiplinger's Personal Finance, December 6, 2016
by Miriam Cross, quoting I. Glenn Cohen (Faculty Director)

From the article: Why the extra effort to court foreign patients? A couple of reasons, according to Patients With Passports (Oxford University Press), by I. Glenn Cohen: to make money (from the… Read More

Is Medical Tourism Ethical?

The Greenwall Foundation, September 2016

Petrie-Flom Faculty Director I. Glenn Cohen served as a Greenwall Foundation Faculty Scholar, Class of 2015. The Greenwall Foundation recently published a profile of Cohen's project,… Read More

Radio Sputnik Interview: Medical Tourism

Radio Sputnik, August 19, 2016
by Interview with I. Glenn Cohen (Faculty Director)

As health care costs continue to rise in the United States, more and more Americans are now opting for alternatives abroad. Patients Beyond Borders has recently estimated that more than a million of Americans… Read More

Review: I Glenn Cohen, Patients with Passports: Medical Tourism, Law, and Ethics, Oxford University

Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal, May 2016
by Reviewed by Douglas MacKay

From the review:  Glenn Cohen’s Patients with Passports: Medical Tourism, Law, and Ethics offers a thorough examination of the growing practice of medical tourism, the legal regulations… Read More

Book Talk and Reception – Inspired: Lessons Learned from a Life of Adventure
Global Health Education and Learning Incubator

Deadline: April 21, 2016

Thursday, April 21, 2016, 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Harvard Coop, Level 3; 1400 Mass. Avenue Cambridge, MA 02138 Every life lived to the fullest is an adventure. It is also a lesson. Come along on a… Read More

Chinese Market Offers New Life to Many Drugs

Dow Jones Business News, March 29, 2016
by Fanfan Wang, quoting I. Glenn Cohen (Faculty Director)

Excerpt from Article: [...] But the new trend also raises the question of whether China has become a dumping ground for inferior drugs. I. Glenn Cohen, a Harvard Law School professor who studies medical… Read More

Fertility Tourism: Options and Ethics

Creating A Family Radio, February 24, 2016
by Dawn Davenport, interviewing I. Glenn Cohen (Faculty Director)

Description: What should you consider when going abroad (or coming to the United States) for fertility treatment? Host Dawn Davenport, Executive Director of Creating a Family, the national infertility… Read More

Le tourisme médical, entre risques et espoirs

ICI Radio-Canada (in French), December 6, 2015
by Anne-Diandra Louarn, quoting I. Glenn Cohen (Faculty Director)

From the article:  « Les Canadiens sont en général fiers de leur système de santé. Le problème, ici, ce sont plutôt les délais. Aux États-Unis,… Read More

The Non-Spaces of Medical Tourism

Harvard Design Magazine, S/S 2015, No. 40
by I. Glenn Cohen (Faculty Director)

From the article: I spent the last six years as a strange kind of tourist. I traveled the globe visiting hospitals. Not just any hospitals, but those participating in the “medical tourism”… Read More

Inbound medical tourism to Barbados

BMC Health Services Research, July 2015, Vol. 15
by I. Glenn Cohen (Faculty Director) et al.

Abstract:  Background Enabled by globalizing processes such as trade liberalization, medical tourism is a practice that involves patients’ intentional travel to privately obtain medical care… Read More

A New Chapter by Faculty Director I. Glenn Cohen,

Edward Elgar Publishing, 2015
by Edited by Neil Hunt, Daniel Horsfall and Johanna Hanefeld

Faculty Director I. Glenn Cohen has authored a new chapter on medical tourism in the Handbook of Medical Tourism and Patient Mobility. Abstract: While much of the medical tourism literature… Read More

Regulating Bodies Across Borders

Bodies Across Borders: The Global Circulation of Body Parts, Medical Tourists and Professionals (Bronwyn Parry, Beth Greenhough, Tim Brown and Isabel Dyck, eds. Ashgate 2015)
by I. Glenn Cohen (Faculty Director)

Faculty Director I. Glenn Cohen has authored a new chapter on medical tourism. Abstract: ‘Medical tourism’ (to use the most common term, though ‘cross-border health care’ or… Read More

Patients with Passports: Medical Tourism, Law, and Ethics

Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, February 24, 2015
by Robert Klitzman, leading discussion with I. Glenn Cohen (Faculty Director)

Live WebstreamWatch the event live online! DescriptionMedical tourism is a growing, multi-billion dollar industry involving millions of patients who travel abroad each year to get health care. Some seek… Read More

Medical Tourism, Access to Health Care, and Global Justice

Health Law & Human Rights, Vol. 1, Issue 1, 2015
by I. Glenn Cohen (Faculty Director)

Abstract: Medical tourism – the travel of patients from one (the “home”) country to another (the “destination”) country for medical treatment – represents a growing… Read More

Interview with Faculty Director I. Glenn Cohen about “Patients with Passports”

Jefferson Public Radio (Oregon), January 5, 2015
by Geoffrey Riley and Charlotte Duren

If your doctor won't recommend a medical procedure you want, you can go to another doctor.  But would you travel to another country for the procedure?  And how about if your insurance required… Read More

Traveling patients, traveling disease

OUPblog, December 14, 2014
by I. Glenn Cohen (Faculty Director)

Many in the media and academia (myself included) have been discussing the Ebola crisis, and more specifically, the issues that arise as Ebola has traveled with infected patients and health care workers… Read More

The Routledge Companion to Bioethics

Routledge, December 11, 2014
by Edited by John D. Arras, Elizabeth Fenton, Rebecca Kukla, featuring I. Glenn Cohen (Faculty Director)

The Routledge Companion to Bioethics is a comprehensive reference guide to a wide range of contemporary concerns in bioethics. The volume orients the reader in a changing landscape shaped by… Read More

Law Professor Discusses Medical Tourism

Harvard Crimson, November 20, 2014
by Katherine H. Scott, quoting I. Glenn Cohen (Faculty Director)

When most people hear the word “tourism,” they immediately think of flocking to the sandy beaches of the Caribbean or exploring museums in a European city. For Harvard Law School graduate I.… Read More

Some Insurance Companies Ask Their Customers to Cross the Border for Care

New Republic, July 7, 2014
by Adam Teicholz and I. Glenn Cohen (Faculty Director) and

Faculty Director I. Glenn Cohen has co-authored a new piece in New Republic on the practice adopted by some insurance companies of sending clients across the border for less expensive care. From… Read More

Stem Cell Therapies

Institute of Medicine and the National Academy of Sciences, 2014
by Adam C. Berger, Sarah H. Beachy, and Steve Olson, featuring I. Glenn Cohen (Faculty Director)

Stem cells offer tremendous promise for advancing health and medicine. Whether being used to replace damaged cells and organs or else by supporting the body's intrinsic repair mechanisms, stem cells… Read More

Globalization and Healthcare Ethics

@BioethxChat, May 19, 2014
by I. Glenn Cohen (Faculty Director)

Join Petrie-Flom Faculty Co-Director I. Glenn Cohen on May 19 as he leads a discussion on "Globalization and Healthcare Ethics" hosted by BioethxChat on Twitter. Read More

Indian medicine, coming soon to an island near you

BMJ, February 25, 2014
by Suzy Frisch, quoting I. Glenn Cohen (Petrie-Flom Faculty Co-Director)

[...] NH will open a hospital in the Cayman Islands in February in partnership with Ascension Health, the largest non-profit provider in the US. Shetty and David Pryor, president and CEO of Ascension Clinical… Read More

These Two Americans Want Babies Through Indian Surrogates.

The New Republic, December 10, 2013
by Jennifer Kirby, citing I. Glenn Cohen

[...] An estimated 2,000 foreign babies are born to Indian surrogates each year, according to research in the forthcoming book Patients With Passports: Medical Tourism, Ethics, and Law, by… Read More

VIDEO NOW AVAILABLE: Stem Cell Therapies:

Institute of Medicine, November 18, 2013
by Co-organized by I. Glenn Cohen

Stem cells hold tremendous potential to advance health and medicine. Through replacement of damaged cells and organs or supporting intrinsic repair, stem cell offer promising treatments for debilitating… Read More

Have Injury, Will Travel:

Outside Magazine, November 14, 2013
by Emily Matchar, quoting I. Glenn Cohen

[...] Most people who travel abroad for medical care are uninsured or underinsured, with high-copay or high-deductible insurance, says Glenn Cohen, a professor atHarvard Law School who studies… Read More

Belinda Bennett on Globalization and the Future of Health Law

International Legal Studies at HLS, October 22, 2013

Globalization and the Future of Health Law: Harmonization or Diversity? A talk by Belinda Bennett, Professor of Health and Medical Law, University of Sydney Introduction by I. Glenn Cohen   Tuesday,… Read More

Now Available: Globalization of Healthcare

Oxford University Press, 2013
by I. Glenn Cohen, ed.

The edited volume stemming from the Petrie-Flom Center's 2011 Annual Conference, The Globalization of Health Care: Legal and Ethical Issues, I. Glenn Cohen, ed. (Oxford University Press,… Read More

As More Americans Have Surgeries Overseas, US Companies Consider ‘Medical Tourism’

Nightline: Late Evening News - ABC News, September 30, 2013
by Byron Pitts and Nikki Batiste, featuring I. Glenn Cohen

Petrie-Flom Center Faculty Co-Director I. Glenn Cohen discusses safety issues and medical tourism. Read More

American Companies Sending Workers on Surgery Vacations

ABC World News, September 30, 2013
by Byron Pitts, featuring I. Glenn Cohen

Petrie-Flom Center Faculty Co-Director I. Glenn Cohen discusses safety issues and medical tourism. Read More

Why is medical tourism from Australia booming?

World News Australia, April 2013
by Ildi Amon, quoting I. Glenn Cohen

Glenn Cohen is a medical tourism researcher and professor at Harvard Law School in the United States. He says there is a lack of reliable data on the worldwide travel of medical tourists. But he believes… Read More