Fall 2017

Course ID Title Instructor
FAS-HLTHPOL 2000A Core Course in Health Policy Joseph P. Newhouse, Alan Zaslavsky, Richard Frank
HBS-2180 Innovating in Health Care Regina Herzlinger
HBS-6219 Field Course: Transforming Health Care Delivery Robert S. Huckman
HGSD-SES 5330 Healthy Places Ann Forsyth
HKS-DPI 204 Seminar in Bioethics Frances Kamm
HLS-2042 Copyright Rebecca Tushnet
HLS-2043 Copyright and Trademark Litigation Dale Cendali
HLS-2074 Environmental Law Richard Lazarus
HLS-2119 Intellectual Property Law: Advanced William Fisher
HLS-2151 Law and Psychology: The Emotions David Cope
HLS-2197 Patent Law William Fisher
HLS-2293 Drug Product Liability Litigation Peter Grossi
HLS-2356 Insurance Law Bruce Hay
HLS-2359 Food Law and Policy Emily Broad Leib
HLS-2497 Public Health Law and Policy Robert Greenwald
HLS-2520 Veterans Law and Disability Benefits Clinical Seminar Daniel Nagin
HLS-2544 Food Law Lab Jacob Gersen
HLS-2624 The Effects of Mass Incarceration: Experiences of Prison and Parole Dehlia Umunna
HLS-2652 Health Law, Policy, Bioethics, and Biotechnology Workshop I. Glenn Cohen
HLS-2777 Technology and Inequality Yochai Benkler
HLS-2989 Health Care Rights in the Twenty-First Century Kevin Costello, Carmel Shachar
HSPH-FXB G11 Issues in Health and Human Rights Stephen Marks