Spring 2018

Course ID Title Instructor
FAS-HLTHPOL 2000B Core Course in Health Policy Joseph P. Newhouse Richard Frank Alan Zaslavsky
HBS-1487 Building Sustainable Cities and Infrastructure John D. Macomber
HBS-1666 Entrepreneurship in Healthcare IT and Services Robert Higgins
HBS-1911 Food and Agribusiness Forest Reinhardt
HBS-1965 Consumers, Corporations, and Public Health John Quelch
HBS-2157 U.S. Healthcare Strategy Leemore S. Dafny
HBS-6107 Field Course: Commercializing Science; Technology Strategy and Business Models for Science-Based Enterprises Gary Pisano
HLS-2041 Law 2.0: Technology's Impact on the Practice of Law Ron Dolin
HLS-2042 Copyright William Fisher
HLS-2058 Disability Rights Law Michael Ashley Stein
HLS-2108 Health Care Law and Policy Michael Frakes
HLS-2359 Food Law and Policy Emily Broad Leib
HLS-2497 Public Health Law and Policy Robert Greenwald
HLS-2520 Veterans Law and Disability Benefits Clinical Seminar Daniel Nagin
HLS-2544 Food Law Lab Jacob Gersen
HLS-2589 Behavioral Economics, Law and Public Policy Cass Sunstein
HLS-2615 Comparative Digital Privacy Urs Gasser
HLS-2624 The Effects of Mass Incarceration: Experiences of Prison and Parole Dehlia Umunna
HLS-2636 Teaching Copyright William Fisher
HLS-2707 Law and Neuroscience Judge Nancy Gertner
HLS-2867 Medical Malpractice Michael Frakes
HLS-2918 Mass Incarceration: Its Causes, Its Impact, Its Elimination and Prevention Judge Nancy Gertner
HLS-2921 Climate Solutions Living Lab Wendy Jacobs
HLS-2978 Redesigning Humans: What Limits? Einer Elhauge