AGENDA NOW AVAILABLE: 2015 Annual Conference
Law, Religion, and Health in America

Saturday, May 09, 2015
Wasserstein Hall, Milstein East BC
1585 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA

Registration is now available online!

Conference Description

Religion and medicine have historica...

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FDA’s Impact on Pharmaceutical Innovation:
A lecture by Neil Flanzraich

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 12:00 PM
Lectures and Panels
Griswold Hall, 110
Harvard Law School, 1525 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA

Please join us for a lecture by Neil Flanzraich, Chairman and CEO of Cantex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.,...

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Health Law Workshop: Rachel Sachs

Monday, April 13, 2015 5:00 PM
Health Law Workshops
Griswold Hall, Room 110
1525 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA

Presentation Title: "Prescription Drug Reimbursement as Innovation Incentive"

Rachel Sachs is an A...

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Just Food?:
Forum on Justice in the Food System

Sunday, March 29, 2015
Wasserstein Hall
Harvard Law School, 1585 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA

A conference exploring the intersections between social, economic, and environmental justice in the...

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Affordable Care Act Makes This Tax Season Painful For Many

NPR, March 25, 2015
by Michelle Andrews

This tax season, for the first time since the Affordable Care Act passed five years ago, consumers...

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Breast Milk Becomes a Commodity, With Mothers Caught Up in Debate

New York Times, March 20, 2015
by Andrew Pollack

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif. — When Gretty Amaya took an unpaid maternity leave five months ago,...

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Blue Shield Of California Loses Its Tax-Exempt Status

NPR, March 19, 2015
by Richard Gonzales

One of California's largest health insurers, Blue Shield of California, could be on the hook fo...

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Battle Over Dementia Drug Swap Has Big Stakes For Drugmakers, Consumers

Kaiser Health News, March 19, 2015
by Julie Appleby

Executives at drug company Actavis knew they had to move fast to avoid a plunge in sales of their t...

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New Global Fund to Help Countries Defend Smoking Laws

New York Times, March 18, 2015
by Sabrina Tavernise

Bloomberg Philanthropies and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundationannounced on Wednesday tha...

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Vaccination Gaps Helped Fuel Disneyland Measles Spread

NPR, March 16, 2015
by Scott Hensley

California has been dealing with a big measles outbreak since December, when a cases emerged among...

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Chinese Premier Vows Tougher Regulation on Air Pollution

New York Times, March 15, 2015
by Edward Wong and Chris Buckley

[...] While China’s pollution may not be as dire as urban India’s, the reaction to...

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In Texas Funding Fight, Cancer Care For Poor Women Could Be Collateral Damage

Kaiser Health News, March 13, 2015
by Alexa Ura, The Texas Tribune

Kathleen Riley has had 14 rounds of chemotherapy and seven surgeries since she first found a lump i...

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Study Supports Raising Tobacco-Purchase Age to 21:

Wall Street Journal, March 12, 2015
by Tripp Mickle

A government-commissioned study supports increasing the tobacco purchase age to 21 from 18, saying...

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Whistleblower: Wisconsin VA doctor dispensed drugs ‘like candy’:

Al Jazeera America, March 11, 2015
by George Lerner and Christoph Putzel

[...] On Tuesday, the VA announced the results of a preliminary clinical review of Tomah, ordered i...

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Drugging dementia: Are antipsychotics killing nursing home patients?

Al Jazeera America, March 11, 2015
by David Martin and Sheila MacVicar

[...] Antipsychotic drugs are approved for patients with bipolar disorder or schizophrenia, not for...

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A major overhaul in credit reporting could improve your credit score

Washington Post, March 9, 2015
by Daniel Douglas-Gabriel

[...] the big three bureaus will institute a 180-day waiting period before including medical debt i...

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Obamacare, Private Medicare Plans Must Keep Updated Doctor Directories In 2016

Kaiser Health News, March 9, 2015
by Susan Jaffe

Starting next year, the federal government will require health insurers to give millions of America...

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Supreme Court Will Likely Uphold Affordable Care Act, Law Profs Say

Harvard Crimson, March 9, 2015
by Andrew M. Duehren, quoting Einer Elhauge (Faculty Director)

Last week’s oral arguments in King v. Burwell suggest that the United States Supreme Court wi...

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F.D.A. Approves Zarxio, Its First Biosimilar Drug

New York Times, March 6, 2015
by Sabrina Tavernise and Andrew Pollack

The Food and Drug Administration has approved the first so-called biosimilar drug for use...

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Infertility Clinic Courts Controversy With Treatment That Recharges Eggs

NPR, March 5, 2015
by Rob Stein

[...] The company that developed the procedure, OvaScience, Inc., of Cambridge, Mass., has rep...

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Obesity Is Hurting the U.S. Economy in Surprising Ways

Bloomberg Business, March 5, 2015
by Victoria Stilwell

(Bloomberg) -- Obesity is weighing on the U.S. economy.

As a panel of scientists considers ways to...

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More Children Eat Fruit in School, Study Shows

New York Times, March 4, 2015
by Ron Nixon

WASHINGTON — Changes made to government-subsidized meals by the Obama administration to get s...

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McDonald’s Moving to Limit Antibiotic Use in Chickens

New York Times, March 4, 2015
by Stephanie Strom

McDonald’s said on Wednesday that it would begin using chickens that are not raised...

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What Working Parents Really Want

Fast Company, March 3, 2015
by Stephanie Vozza, quoting I. Glenn Cohen (Faculty Director)

From the article:

Last year, Apple and Facebook both announced that they would...

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Execution of Georgia Woman Is Postponed Indefinitely

New York Times, March 3, 2015
by Alan Blinder

ATLANTA — The state of Georgia on Monday night indefinitely delayed the execution of the only...

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Petrie-Flom Event Review: An opening for measles:

Harvard Gazette, February 27, 2015
by Colleen Walsh

[...] The recent California outbreak has reignited debates about balancing the public welfare while...

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Petrie-Flom Event Review:

Harvard Crimson, February 26, 2015
by Gabrielle M. Williams

There is a delicate balance between preserving individual rights and protecting public health when...

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Hospital-Based Active Shooter Incidents:

JAMA, February 26, 2015
by Eli Y. Adashi, MD, MS; Hans Gao, BA; I. Glenn Cohen, JD (Faculty Director)

Petrie-Flom Faculty Director I. Glenn Cohen has published a new co-authored article in th...

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Neuroscience in court:

Nature, February 25, 2015
by Sara Reardon, quoting Amanda Pustilnik (Senior Fellow)

[...] "But some scientists and ethicists are concerned about where the increasing acceptance of pai...

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Founding Faculty Director Einer Elhauge Cited in SCOTUS Decision

Petrie-Flom, February 25, 2015

On February 25, 2015, the Supreme Court handed down a decision in North Carolina State Board o...

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Patients with Passports: Medical Tourism, Law, and Ethics

Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, February 24, 2015
by Robert Klitzman, leading discussion with I. Glenn Cohen (Faculty Director)

Live Webstream

Watch the event live online!


Medical tourism is a growing, multi-bill...

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Medical Tourism, Access to Health Care, and Global Justice

Health Law & Human Rights, Vol. 1, Issue 1, 2015
by I. Glenn Cohen (Faculty Director)


Medical tourism – the travel of patients from one (the “home”) country...

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Third Annual Health Law Year in P/Review

Friday, January 30, 2015 7:45 AM - 5:00 PM
Wasserstein Hall, Milstein East AB
1585 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA

Couldn't make it in person? Check out the individual sessions in the videos linked above!


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A “Natural” Experiment:
Consumer Confusion and Food Claims, a lecture by Efthimios Parasidis

Thursday, January 29, 2015 12:00 PM
Lectures and Panels
Wasserstein Hall, Milstein West B
Harvard Law School, 1585 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA

Video of the lecture and following discussion is available online.

What makes food "natural"? Do c...

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Outbreak: Developing New Medical Products for Epidemics,
A lecture by Peter Hutt

Thursday, January 15, 2015 12:30 PM
Lectures and Panels
Hauser Hall 102
1575 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA

Video of the lecture and following discussion are available online.

The recent outbreak of Ebola h...

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Research Project Grant Funding Opportunity


Research Project Grant Funding Opportunity
National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Deadline: January 19, 2015

Funding Opportunity Title: Empirical Research on Ethical Issues Related to Central IRBs and Co...

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