Health Law Workshop: John Tingle image

November 5, 2018 5:00 PM
Health Law Workshops
Hauser Hall, Room 104
Harvard Law School, 1575 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA

Presentation now available: "Patient Safety Policy Development in the NHS in England"

This presentation is based on a chapter in Global Patient Safety: Law, Policy and Practice, edited by John Tingle, Clayton O’Neill, and Morgan Shimwell (Routledge 2018).

This paper is not available for download. To request a copy in preparation for the workshop, please contact Jennifer Minnich at

John Tingle is Associate Professor at Nottingham Law School at Nottingham Trent University. The main focus of his current research is the exploration of the legal aspects of the government's health quality policy initiatives, such as clinical risk management and clinical governance. The consistency of policy development in these areas is explored utilising a USA-comparative perspective.

Over the last ten years suing doctors and nurses has become one of the UK's growth industries, following trends in the USA. Clinical negligence claims and complaints against the NHS now stand at record levels. Successive governments have taken action, and agencies such as the NPSA (National Patient Safety Agency), NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence, CHAI (Commission for Health Audit and Inspection) and NHSLA (National Health Service Litigation Authority) have been created to improve the quality of care and to help manage risk and litigation in the NHS.

These agencies and a number of others produce literature, advice and programmes which all have a direct influence over the way NHS care is delivered. A number of them also fufil regulatory and inspection functions. Tingle's research looks at this output, exploring legal implications, consistency, nature, and practical impact.

Another active research interest is the legal aspects of nursing, particularly the extended role of the nurse. Today nurses are doing more and have taken over some tasks from doctors. A key issue is how all this would be viewed from the perspective of the law of tort and established case law.


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